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Headquartered in usa, megacom sets up branches in Sweden, France, Singapore, Hong Kong and mainliand China, with its main business involved in industrials such as airport, energy, traffic, architecture and communication. It serves as an “airport self-help system solution provider”, “communication solution provider”, “prison safety equipment provider” and “general equipment provider of major engineering projects”.

Megacom and its subsidiaries are engaged in developing protection systems for airport, nuclear power, prison and rail transport; airport self boarding, self check-in and self luggage sorting system; public transportation, rail traffic ticket sale & inspection and passage control system; digital trunking communication system; entry & exit control of admin buildings and sports places. the company has established partnership with many renowned enterprises, providing customers with overall solutions according to requirements of industries like aviation & spaceflight, nuclear power, rail traffic, buildings, prison and finance.

The company has many global customers, such as US Mexico Border, Dubai Customs Port, French toulon port, Norwegian stavanger, Swiss stockholm port, Finland mariehamn port, Belgium p&o, China QinShan nuclear power plant, China LinGao nuclear power plant, China TianWan nuclear power plant, China SanMen nuclear power plant, China DaYa bay nuclear power plant, Portugal thermoelectric power station, UK nuclear power plant, Edf, China ningde Nuclear power plant, Belgium Doel, Italy enel, and ShenZhen HK Border.

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