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  • The most trusted and secure turnstiles available - fully welded construction suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Full height turnstile with clear arms and side panel, making it a good alternative to expensive revolving doors.
  • The CLST combines the operational features of our MST turnstile, with a clear side panel, providing a less industrial look.
  • The MST47 full height turnstile's wider passage area can be used as an entry point for delivery packages and materials.
  • The FMST full height turnstile with four arms, offers a compact patron passage area to further discourage tailgating.
  • Tandem version of our CLST full height turnstile. Uses 30% less space than installation of two individual CLST turnstiles.
  • Tandem version of our CPST, clear arms and side panels provide a less industrial look than a traditional all-metal turnstile.
  • Tandem version of our MST full height turnstile, requires a substantially smaller footprint than two individual turnstiles.
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