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Tandem version of our MST full height turnstile, requires a substantially smaller footprint than two individual turnstiles.

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  • MSTT Tandem Full Height Turnstile

    For over 30 years we have been America’s most specified and used full height maximum security turnstiles. The MSTT full height tandem turnstile combines two individual turnstiles into a space saving design. When compared to two individual turnstiles installed side by the side, the installation footprint of the MSTT is substantially smaller.

    Secured entry control applications

    Perimeter protection   |   Employee and visitor access control   |   Time and attendance integration   |   Fence line security   |   Parking lot access   |   One way exit control   |   Unattended entry points

    Designed to last

    Superior construction

    The MSTT tandem full height turnstile cuts no corners. Unlike competitive models that use individual parts that must be bolted together during installation, the integral sections of the MSTT are delivered fully welded, creating a solid, secure and structurally sound product. Details matter, especially when manufacturing a tandem full height security turnstile to stand the test of time.

    The MSTT’s tandem space saving design requires approximately 30″ less end to end installation space than two individual turnstiles installed side by side.

    Key Features:

    Compact installation footprint

    Welded steel construction with no exposed bolts or fasteners

    Stainless steel top channel cover and internal parts

    High quality sealed and covered bearings

    Splined connection between the rotating section and  top channel assembly provides a precision fit that minimizes play

    Rugged electronics with full-featured turnstile controller, conformal coated for enhanced weatherization protection

    Suitable for outdoor environments

    Dozens of options and several finishes available

    Added Benefits:

    Fit two turnstiles in more confined areas

    Best in class security

    Designed for long term continuous usage

    One-to-one passage control deters tailgating

    Great looking product, regardless of finish

    Easy to install and easy to maintain

    Ready to meet your security needs

    Unsurpassed facility entrance control

    The MSTT tandem full height turnstile comes in both manual and electric lock control versions. Both are richly appointed with standard features that are expensive options on other products.

    The electric model provides bi-directional access control in conjunction with a facility access control system or any device that can provide a dry contact output (such as a push button). Each turnstile lane comes with attachment points for card readers and can be configured as either fail-safe or fail-lock. In operation, when a valid credential is presented, the turnstile unlocks, allowing a single hydraulically controlled rotation in the requested direction. Unauthorized entries, or attempts to tailgate on an authorized entry, are deterred.

    Both the manual and electric lock versions have built in override controls for additional flexibility. Passage directions can be set for free passage, controlled passage or locked down.

    Key Features:

    Single or bi-directional control

    Electric lock control and manual versions

    Independent fail-safe or fail-secure operation

    Speed control to provide a controlled, safe rotation

    Automatic self-centering prevents over or under travel of rotating section

    Built-in override controls

    Rugged turnstile controller integrates with any access control system

    Low maintenance

    Added Benefits:

    Secure and safe

    Intuitive for users and staff

    Integrates easily with access control systems

    Can be operated in unattended applications

    Controlled rotation minimizes physical abuse, banging and wear on components

    Simple to change between fail-safe and fail-lock operation

    Simplified integration

    Employee Access and Visitor Management

    Integrating the MSTT tandem full height electric turnstile into your facility is quick and easy. The MSTT integrates with virtually any access control or visitor management system and accommodates a wide array of credential readers. A dedicated fire system input is provided and passage outputs can be monitored to validate passage after activation, or to provide accurate people counting. The result is a full height security solutions thousands of facilities worldwide rely on for superior access control and visitor management.

    Key Features:

    Simplified integration to access control and visitor management systems

    Flexible credential reader attachment options allows use of existing readers familiar to users

    Dedicated fire input and various other available I/O

    Override controls for operational flexibility

    Easily change turnstile passage mode

    Safety features you shouldn’t be without

    Built-in Safety

    MSTT tandem full height turnstiles provide secure and safe operation. Built in speed control self-adjusts to the pushing force of the user. Even when a user pushes hard on the turnstile arms, the speed of rotation is controlled. This increases safety and reduces the chance of a rapidly spinning rotating section catching a user’s heel. In addition to controlling the rotation speed, Alvarado’s speed control also greatly reduces kickback of the rotating sections toward the user when the turnstiles relock. After each passage, the rotating sections smoothly returns to the home position and locks in place, ready for the next user. The unique cam design of the MSTT also makes it mechanically impossible for a user to get locked inside the turnstile.

    In secured applications the MSTT is typically configured for fail-lock in the entrance direction and fail-safe in the exit direction. When power is removed from the turnstile this prevents people from entering but allows personnel to exit. Turnstiles configured for fail-lock in the exit direction can also provide free egress using local key override controls. Other ordering options are available and changing between fail-lock and fail-safe is easily accomplished in the field. A dedicated input for fire systems also provides free egress in the event of emergencies.

    All weather arm and heel pads are available to slip over select arms on the rotating sections for additional safety.

    Key Features:

    Speed control provides a safe, controlled rotation and smoothly self-centers rotating arms

    Anti-entrapment design

    Free egress in emergencies or loss of power

    Optional heel / arm guards for select rotating section arms


    The MSTT full height security turnstile is independently tested and certified by LA Testing Labs. It is also CE marked.

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